1. Installation

The easiest way to install EdgeDB is to pick one of the pre-built packages from the download page. Please follow the installation instructions appropriate for your OS.

In most cases, after a successful installation, EdgeDB would automatically start a local system-wide server instance. If it didn’t, and you see connection errors, run:

On Linux:

$ sudo systemctl start edgedb-1-alpha2

On macOS:

$ sudo launchctl enable system/com.edgedb.edgedb-1-alpha2

Once the installation is complete, we need to set the password for the database superuser:

$ sudo -u edgedb edgedb --admin alter-role edgedb --password

With that done we should be able to connect to the EdgeDB server instance using the newly set password:

$ edgedb -u edgedb --password

With EdgeDB up and running we’re ready to create a schema.